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“We do not choose cancer, but we can choose to out live it.” This statement is the driving force behind First Descents’ mission to ease the depressing and scary realization of being diagnosed with Cancer.  Since it’s inception in 2001, First Descents has inspired thousands of cancer patients and survivors to live passionate lives.  Taken by the mission and inspiring stories of FD program recipients, Soul Poles joined Team First Descents to give more cancer fighters and survivors the opportunity to enjoy free outdoor adventures.

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With a variety of week long programs including kayaking, climbing, mountaineering, and surfing, First Descents is giving cancer fighters and survivors the opportunity to move beyond their diagnosis and reclaim their lives.  Participants are challenged to face their fears and push their limits through outdoor pursuits, empowering them to regain the confidence and hope the degenerative disease sucks out of their lives.  Limbo, a First Descents participant, stated, “I am a 33 year old mother of two, living with a cancer for which I am told there is no cure. First Descents reminded me that there is more than just dying, there is living.” Over 1000 cancer fighters and survivors pass through First Descents’ programs every year, leaving with new experiences and supportive communities to carry with them well after the program ends.  

Photo: First Descents

Interested in finding out more about the First Descents’ mission and future campaigns, I contacted FD Director of Marketing, Sarah Hubbard. According to Sarah, while FD is able to serve approximately 1,000 patients each year, there are over 150,000 people eligible for the FD programs. Even though FD would love to serve all applicants, in order to ensure the quality and strength of each program, the organization limits outdoor pursuits to around 30 programs between May and November. With a program going on almost every week of the summer, including trips to the beaches in B.C. and surfing in Mexico, there is a multitude of fun options for survivors and patients to take advantage of.

Photo: First Descents

Empowered by the same challenges and excitement experienced by FD participants during their outdoor adventures, Soul Poles “Good Vibes” core value pushed us to embrace FD as a partner on Team First Descents.  For each First Descents Signature Soul Pole sold, we have agreed to donate 20% of proceeds to cover the cost of sending cancer patients and survivors on FD programs.  When we are building custom poles at FD fundraisers we donate 40% of proceeds to the organization. 

Being diagnosed with cancer is out of these young adults control; nevertheless, growing to their fullest possible potential during and after the battle is something they have the chance to do.  Donate to FD today and help fund the programs pushing these incredible individuals to overcome the greatest psycho-sociological challenge of their young lives.

 Here's a quick video First Descents put together to highlight their inspiring story-

To learn more about becoming part of Team First Descents, donating, volunteering, or purchasing merchandise from their partners like Soul Poles, visit We have the power to make a difference in thousands of cancer patients and survivors lives; you’re just one pair of Soul Poles away.


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