Martin Lentz - Hippy Shredding and the Time of his Life on the IFSA Podium

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Not every budding grom is blessed with the strength and technical prowess of Martin Lentz.  With 9 years on the Summit and Park City Ski Teams, Martin’s strength and technique is well beyond his years.  Nevertheless, it wasn’t until Martin turned 15 and he foreran a comp at Alta that he decided to focus on what he’s know for today, big mountain freeride skiing.   Martin’s explosive mixture of race-inspired edge control and a developing comfort in the air put the 18 year-old, on the top of the podium at the IFSA National Championships at Snowbird as both the 15-18 year old event winner and overall points champion.

Soul Poles' brand development manager, Matt Hundhammer (Hunde), had a chance to hop on the phone with Martin to hear his side of the story and learn how he motivated himself to build on past victories and launch himself into the most successful ski season of his life.

Hunde:  What’s going on Martin?

Martin:  Not much, I just snuck out of our high school graduation ceremony practice and am standing out on the soccer field. 

Hunde:  Nice dude, yeah, had about enough of the stand-up, sit-down routine? 

Martin:  Haha, yeah, you could say that.

Hunde:  Cool, well, we’ve just got a couple quick questions about your season and you can get back to it….

Martin: Sounds Good!

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Hunde:  Martin, going into the 13-14 season at what moment did you think you could win North America’s IFSA Overall?

Martin: After falling in my final run of the 12-13 season at Revelstoke and ending up with a 7th place overall, at that moment, I made the goal to win the overall in 13-14.   I decided to leave my starting position of the high school’s varsity lacrosse team and dedicate the 2013 summer to skiing-based workouts.

Going into this last season I earned a 2nd place finish at IFSA Nationals at Snowbird in January, which definitely boosted my confidence.  But, it wasn’t until I won Whistler at the beginning of February that I thought, you know what, I can really win this thing!  At that point I had seen all the Canadian competition and knew what it was going to take to win the overall.

Hunde:  Nice man, that’s commitment….. What part of your skiing or competition skiing did you feel developed the most this season?

Martin:  More than anything, I really honed in on finding lines down the mountain that highlighted my strength, speed and technique.  Overall, I’d say the judges are looking for you to ski fast and pop off every lip you can find, going as big as you can.

In terms of my personal skiing, I feel like my air awareness really came into its own this year.  Coming from a ski racing background, airs haven’t been my strong suit, but I’ve been getting more tricks down and more comfortable sending bigger airs.  I pretty much dominated my wish list in LCC this season.

Hunde:  You got some classic lines in at Alta and Snowbird, eh?

Martin:  For sure!  It was a great season skiing around with the Blump Squad.

Hunde: You’re graduating from Park City High School this spring, what’s next on your horizon?  Will you continue to compete?  Where?

Martin:  Actually, I’ll be graduating today at 5 pm!  Next fall I’ll be heading up to School in Squamish, B.C. at a small college called Quest.  Located just 30 minutes away from Whistler, it’s going to be ridiculous.

I’ll be competing; where, I’m not sure.  It all kind of depends on what ends of happening with the organization of the tour, but my goal right now is to get on the Freeride World Tour. 

Other than that, I’ll be focusing on linking up with a photo/video posse up in B.C. to do more filming and saving up to buy a snow machine.

Hunde:  Sounds like a great plan Martin!  If you had any advice for a budding grom hoping to get sponsored what would it be? 

Martin:  I’d recommend for up-and-comers to get involved with the regional IFSA events.  They are well organized and you’ll get a good feel for the format before you jump up to National Events.

At the end of the day, it’s about who you are, be a nice guy, be yourself - nobody wants to go skiing with a jerk.  Be someone people want to hang out with.  Above all, be genuine and stay authentic.

Hunde:  Truth brother!  Lastly, what is the Soul of Skiing to you?

Martin:  You know, I feel like I really realized it this year after I dislocated my shoulder.  I could only ski for like two hours at a time, but I was out at Canyons doing some solo, “hippy” shredding and just having the time of my life.  With my sensitive shoulder, I couldn’t send anything, but it didn’t matter, it was just great to be out there.  When you’re skiing all the stress and pressure get swept away.

Skiing is truly what I love.

Hunde:  Damn man, getting deep on us.  Anything else you’d like to share with your fans and followers?  Where can people learn more about the wiley adventures of Martin Lentz?

Martin:  Haha, you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter at @mjlentz or on Facebook at “Martin Lentz.”  Also check out my vimeo channel for new videos and such.

Hunde:  Sweet man, well thanks for carving some time out of your busy graduation day to fill us in on your successful season this year.

Martin:  For sure.  I’m stoked to spread the soul!

Hunde:  Get after it tonight!

Martin:  Will do!

Check out Martin's 13-14 Season Edit

Martin Lentz 2014 Season Edit from Martin Lentz on Vimeo.




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