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Soul Poles, and the Soul Shop, have a vibe and culture that truly need to be experienced hands-on. From the moment you walk in our door and smell the bamboo to building your own poles in our manufacturing space, we want to share our home with you. Take a brief tour with our founder, Bryon Friedman, to learn more about who we are, where we came from, and why we build the best custom bamboo ski poles in the world.


We hope this peak into the Soul Shop inspires you to stop by when you are in Park City, UT. Whether to just say hello or build your own custom bamboo ski poles, we’d love to share our Soul with you.

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Oddly, heli skiing feels a lot like downhill racing. Long days of waiting for weather to clear, the good 'ole hurry up and wait firedrill that keeps us alert. All the while trying to conserve energy while combatting an overwhelming feeling of excitement and anticitpation for the risk and reward that lies ahead. Inevitably if you schedule a downhill weather will present itself, and the same rule applies for heli skiing.

After waiting it out for 6 days of rain, snow, sleet, and late nights at the Fort Seward Lodge, a group of retired downhill skiers, including the likes Olympic downhiller Reggie Crist and 2-time National...

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Martin Lentz  has thrown down a killer season and qualified for the World Freeride Tour. But what makes Martin truly special are his abilities to ski faster, go bigger, and find new ways to entertain his fans and test the strength of our bamboo ski poles. See for yourself on this Spring Line! 


Line of the Spring... almost from Martin Lentz on Vimeo.

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Why bamboo ski poles? And who’s making them?


Maybe you’ve noticed them while out carving turns: bamboo ski poles. At first they seemed like a novelty, but more and more skiers are swearing by them. “More stability,” has been the general consensus, along with an improved aesthetic from an environmentally friendly material.

We set out to learn a few things about how bamboo is changing ski poles. We wanted to know why bamboo is a better choice, and the specifics about the models that are available.

Founded by former U.S. Ski Team racers, this Park City...

Has anyone read Deep by Porter Fox? I bought the book directly from Porter well over 2 years ago at SIA (Ski and Snowboard Industries of America). He was on a book tour and made the pilgrimage to North America's Winter sports industry equivalent to the Grand Bazaar. I remember having a brief interaction with him and was eager to read his life's work. After all, Porter is a a skier just like me, intrinsically driven by the frozen flakes that accumulate into fluffy piles of snow we call powder. 

We are both stewards of the mountain and her beauty gives us purpose, yet for some reason I gave the book away to Soul Poles brand manager...

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Poles with Soul – back to the future with Soul Poles
Soul Poles is a Park City, Utah, based pole and accessory company with a dedicated focus on sustainability. Their poles are built with bamboo that offers a claimed durability twice that of aluminum, and is backed by a two-year shaft replacement warranty. Stylish, sustainable and simple – characteristics sought by many of today’s discerning skiers.

Former US Ski Team members Erik Schlopy and Bryon Friedman founded Soul Poles. After going through hundreds of poles during their racing careers, they envisioned bringing back the bamboo as a “moral imperative.” The duo...

Soul Poles

Antique ski poles, Alpenstocks or “push sticks” were originally made of hickory and oak. Then, in the 1930s, bamboo a lighter, yet very strong wood became the preferred material for ski poles.  This made for a perfect combination with local company Soul Poles.  Founded and designed by former U.S. Ski Team racers competing at the World Cup and Olympic level, they have recreated this tradition with eco-friendly bamboo poles by hand in Park City, Utah. Unlike the traditional poles made today, Soul Poles’ 100% biodegradable bamboo shafts create a minimal environmental footprint. In addition the ski pole grips made...

After a few back and forths with Snowbound Magazine Editor | Contributor, Lauren Jacobsen, her article went live featuring the full story of Soul Poles' development as a cause-oriented brand on a mission.  

From the days of SP Founder's Bryon Friedman and Erik Schlopy on the World Cup Circuit, to our current campaigns partnering with non-profit organization, Snowbound captured the essence.  Here's a sneak peak...

'“The poles are a climate change icon,” Matt Hundhammer, brand manager of Soul Poles, said. “They are all about creating awareness (of the climate problem) in the ski world.”

And it seems to be working. The...