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Oddly, heli skiing feels a lot like downhill racing. Long days of waiting for weather to clear, the good 'ole hurry up and wait firedrill that keeps us alert. All the while trying to conserve energy while combatting an overwhelming feeling of excitement and anticitpation for the risk and reward that lies ahead. Inevitably if you schedule a downhill weather will present itself, and the same rule applies for heli skiing.

After waiting it out for 6 days of rain, snow, sleet, and late nights at the Fort Seward Lodge, a group of retired downhill skiers, including the likes Olympic downhiller Reggie Crist and 2-time National...

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Outside of Juneau, Alaska lies a sleepy town where the Chilkat River enters the Pacific. Life moves slowly there, the inhabitants are tuned into their day to day lives and exude a friendliness that is simple and honest. It's not overbearing, it's just there. They seem happy. They open their bars, their restaurants, their yoga studios, and even their homes to us vagabonds that show up for only a few weeks a year in a quest to find that one special moment where time slows down to a near stand still, and everything makes sense. Many of us plan a year or two in advance hoping that the week we choose brings conditions we've seen in all the...

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Martin Lentz  has thrown down a killer season and qualified for the World Freeride Tour. But what makes Martin truly special are his abilities to ski faster, go bigger, and find new ways to entertain his fans and test the strength of our bamboo ski poles. See for yourself on this Spring Line! 


Line of the Spring... almost from Martin Lentz on Vimeo.

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When Andrew Rumph first stepped foot in Soul Poles' headquarters in Park City, Utah he didn't seem like the normal freeskier type. Andrew is soft spoken, humble, respectfull, and has an obvious souful vibe about him. We liked him right away but what really impressed us was his positive outlook on just missing qualifying for the Freeride World Tour. Heading into the last event of the Freeride World Qualifier series Andrew seemed to have his spot locked down after a win in Crested Butte. All Andrew needed was a top 10 finish at the final stop at Kicking Horse where his fellow Soul Poles teammate Martin Lentz took the win. Unfortunatley...

With the passing of legendary stoker, Shane McConkey in March 2009, the bar was left high, very high for a new generation of ski seekers of stoke, radicality, and fun.  After all, this is what Skiing is about, right?  Going “out for a rip” with your buddies, taking a few turns, whooping in the powder snow and tearing up the cord.  Here to fill the winter daydreams void in a summer of trimming lawns, submitting TPS reports, and pouring Hefeweizen, is the “Pat and Tats Show.”

Pat Sewell and Chris Tatsuno are the brain fire power behind the “Pat and Tats Show, and with the support of their sponsors, Tecnica Blizzard,

Using Color Theory, Soul Poles LTD artist, R. Nelson Parrish tells stories drawn from personal experience skiing, surfing and auto racing.  Vibrantly colorful objects of resin, pigmented resin, racing stripes, wood, bamboo and fiberglass are his mediums.  This hybrid of painting and sculpture redefine Soul Poles’ LTD as more than a ski pole; it is a moment of clarity in a world of chaos.  Read on to learn more about R. Nelson’s recent escapades from Jenny Murray of C Magazine

PC: Mike Schirf

Interview by C Magazine's Editor, Jenny Murray in July, 2014


Santa Barbara artist R. Nelson Parrish is a born...

We had a chance to sit down with Tahoe-based, Michigan-born, Conor Pelton to recap his first season on the Freeride World Tour and to discuss his High Fives Foundation Signature Soul Pole.  With every sale on, $10 is donated to support High Fives' mission to raise money and awareness for athletes who have suffered a life-altering injury while pursuing their dream in the winter action sports community.

With skiing's progression into steeper terrain, bigger airs, and more technical tricks, the consequences of falling are only getting higher.  Conor recognizes and respects this fact every time he steps into his bindings...

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After some fantastic finishes in IFSA National Events at Crested Butte, Beartooth Basin, and Crystal Mountain, Erik Hilb finished off his final season on the IFSA Junior National tour in 8th place overall.  As a recent graduate of the student athlete program at Ski and Snowboard Club Vail, Hilb is on to wider pastures as he makes his way up to Bozeman, Bridger, and Big Sky for the coming season.  There, he plans to attend MSU and travel to compete in the Subaru Freeride Series.  

Regardless of his past accomplishments and future goals, this kid has a great head on his shoulders and an even bigger heart.  If you don't already...