Pat and Tats Show – "The BEST End of Season Video of ALL TIME"

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With the passing of legendary stoker, Shane McConkey in March 2009, the bar was left high, very high for a new generation of ski seekers of stoke, radicality, and fun.  After all, this is what Skiing is about, right?  Going “out for a rip” with your buddies, taking a few turns, whooping in the powder snow and tearing up the cord.  Here to fill the winter daydreams void in a summer of trimming lawns, submitting TPS reports, and pouring Hefeweizen, is the “Pat and Tats Show.”

Pat Sewell and Chris Tatsuno are the brain fire power behind the “Pat and Tats Show, and with the support of their sponsors, Tecnica Blizzard, Aspen Snowmass, Smith Optics, TREW,, Discrete, Point6, and Soul Poles this duo, plus their trusty penguin/beer bong, Petey, is beginning to make some serious worm-turns in an industry suffering from severe “progression aggression.”   While neither Pat nor Tats would ever claim to BE doctors, their prescription of spraffys, penguin slides, denim, and laughter will help even the most focused skier uncover a new dedication to the fun and Soul.

If you haven’t checked these guys out yet, do it today.  Spawned from the loins of McConkey and Gnar, this is coloRADo’s version of fun, and it is spot on.

"The BEST End of the Season Video of ALL TIME" - Pat & Tats from Tecnica Blizzard on Vimeo.


In the words of Pat and Tats, “your ego is not your amigo.”


- Soul Crew


To learn more about Pat and Tats' adventures, follow them on instagram @patandtats

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