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Pirched on the peak, snow crystals pepper the bare skin exposed below your goggles as you watch the heli rise - whop, whop, whop - up and then nose dive down into a muffled abyss.  Time pauses, you look around to see nothing but snow-capped mountains for as far as the eye can see and below at wind buff breaking into deep pockets of powder in spine laden terrain.  A breath-filled moment brings gratitude and static, restless, energy as you await the radio's chatter.  
"Dropping in 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.." Beep!  Beep! Beep!
The obnoxious alarm you chose on your phone goes off…. Wait! Wait one second, I was just about to drop in!!!! Ahhhh! Snooze! Snooze! Snooze!  I was just getting ready to SEND it!  
If you are a girl and this nightmare sounds familiar, go visit SheJumps Snow Sisters virtual raffle and buy a ticket for your chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Haines, Alaska.  There, you'll be treated to lodging, dinner, and five days of skiing (three full heli days and two heli assisted touring days) with Alaska Heliskiing.  Even if you don't win, feel good knowing all raffle proceeds will go to support SheJumps' mission to increase female participation in outdoor activities.  From women who want to push it to those just looking for a supportive community to get out for their first time, SheJumps has a program to match.

Official Snow Sisters Teaser from Snow Sisters on Vimeo.

Join SheJumps and Alaska Heliskiing's celebration of women in the backcountry and turn those restless nights into sound ones by making the drop and making the jump for female strength and empowerment in the outdoor community.  For more information about the trip, visit SheJumps' website.

Thank you for Planting Your Soul and spreading the word about this incredible opportunity to anybody you think would be interested.

Soul Crew
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