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Soul Poles is proud to announce the release of the Tatum Monod | Live It! Love It! Signature Soul Pole.  Featuring blue grips, white baskets, and the Live It! Love It! Foundation’s mountain logo etched into the bamboo, these poles are reflective of Tatum’s lively and daring skiing in the freeride arena.  From each sale of her signature poles, Tatum will donate $10 to the Live It! Love It! Foundation.

The formation of this partnership reaffirms Soul Poles’ belief in the power of our products to improve the lives of people in our community and around the world.  Each pair of Tatum Monod | Live It! Love It! Signature Soul...

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Soul Poles is excited to annouce our partnership with She Jumps. She Jumps is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering women to get outside and enjoy the outdoors. Throughout this winter Soul Poles will be teaming up with She Jumps to do workshops across the country and promote protecting the playground we love. For more information on up coming events check out and/or


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That's right, not only do we make bamboo ski poles, we decided to create something original for the Apres ski lifetyle you love and enjoy. Introducing the Bamboozie, a 100% renewable Bamboo Beer Koozie!  Made by hand in Park City, UT the Bamboozie keeps your cans cold so that you can enjoy your favorite adult beverage longer. We also offer custom laser engraving so you can personzlie your Bamboozie with your name, company logo, or anything else you can think of. For more information drop us a line at [email protected] or so straight to our shop and pick a Bamboozie up today!



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Apparently we're stylish. A couple week ago we received a call from vogue saying they wanted to feature Soul Poles in their December gift guide.  We are really excited to be considered a fashion piece within the ski and trekking industries while incorporating sustainability and peformance in our products.  Check out the vogue gift guide here:

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We are beyond excited to be featured in Outside Magazine's gift guide this month. For those of you that have the magazie it's on page 142 and they featured the Limited Edition hand-painted by contemporary artistR. Nelson Parrish.

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Poles are often an afterthought, but former U.S. Ski Team downhiller Bryon Friedman knows better. “Skiing is soulful,” he says, “and your poles should express that.” This season he launches Soul Poles, hand made from sustainable bamboo and mostly recycled materials (from $125). Acclaimed artist R. Nelson Parrish paints ski poles in the style of totem poles from his native Alaska. Schussers send him helmet cam footage, which he translates into an abstract work on three poles—the extra pole is for over the mantle ($1,000).

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SNOW Magazine highlights Soul Poles' Limited Edition designed and hand-painted by contemporary artist R. Nelson Parrish.  Hear what LA Times art critic, David Pagel, had to say about this extraordinary artist from Fairbanks, Alaska......

You don’t need to talk to R. Nelson Parrish for very long to discover that he loves two things in life: barreling down mountainsides at breakneck speeds and making paintings that capture those magical moments when our perceptions of the world are especially vivid—so intense, stunning, and powerful that the rest of life does not pale in comparison so much as it seems to be a point of entry into...

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Soul Poles gets the nod from one of the most trusted publications in the ski world Powder Magazine.  Thanks for the love Powder, we appreciate your appreciation for our handmade product! 

Soul Poles Original Soul
I’ve received more inquiries from both know-it-all hard cores and Texan tourists about these poles. They’re light, stylie, eco-friendly, and most importantly, durable. I tend to fall hard a lot and break a lot of poles. But not these ones. Founded by former U.S. Ski Teamer Bryon Friedman, these poles allow you to brag about saving the planet and your healthy conscious with the renewable bamboo construction. Rubber...