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We are beyond excited to be featured in Outside Magazine's gift guide this month. For those of you that have the magazie it's on page 142 and they featured the Limited Edition hand-painted by contemporary artistR. Nelson Parrish.

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Poles are often an afterthought, but former U.S. Ski Team downhiller Bryon Friedman knows better. “Skiing is soulful,” he says, “and your poles should express that.” This season he launches Soul Poles, hand made from sustainable bamboo and mostly recycled materials (from $125). Acclaimed artist R. Nelson Parrish paints ski poles in the style of totem poles from his native Alaska. Schussers send him helmet cam footage, which he translates into an abstract work on three poles—the extra pole is for over the mantle ($1,000).

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SNOW Magazine highlights Soul Poles' Limited Edition designed and hand-painted by contemporary artist R. Nelson Parrish.  Hear what LA Times art critic, David Pagel, had to say about this extraordinary artist from Fairbanks, Alaska......

You don’t need to talk to R. Nelson Parrish for very long to discover that he loves two things in life: barreling down mountainsides at breakneck speeds and making paintings that capture those magical moments when our perceptions of the world are especially vivid—so intense, stunning, and powerful that the rest of life does not pale in comparison so much as it seems to be a point of entry into...

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Soul Poles gets the nod from one of the most trusted publications in the ski world Powder Magazine.  Thanks for the love Powder, we appreciate your appreciation for our handmade product! 

Soul Poles Original Soul
I’ve received more inquiries from both know-it-all hard cores and Texan tourists about these poles. They’re light, stylie, eco-friendly, and most importantly, durable. I tend to fall hard a lot and break a lot of poles. But not these ones. Founded by former U.S. Ski Teamer Bryon Friedman, these poles allow you to brag about saving the planet and your healthy conscious with the renewable bamboo construction. Rubber...

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We are psyched to be in Ski Mag's "Stuff We Like,"  check out their writeup below:

Low-snow winters like 2011-2012 inspired Soul Poles mission: “Our goal is to innovate the greenest equipment in the snow sports industry by merging sustainable design with uncompromising performance,” says Bryon Friedman, a principal at Soul Poles. “We’re confident that our poles will meet the highest of standards, while maintaining truly original style.”

 Soul Poles founders and designers, former U.S. Ski Team racers Bryon Friedman and Erik Schlopy, competitors at both the World Cup and Olympic level, created the company to produce...

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This week the Soul Poles shop ninjas were having fun at the bamboo factory with a custom order for local retailer, Cole Sport.  The custom order was for the torched edition which are flash torched by hand using contemporary artists R. Nelson Parrish's design.  There are a number of steps to ensure that we don't oveheat the bamboo or comprimise the design.  These steps include taping each pole according to the design, prepping the pole for exessive heat, as well as implementing the technique once the torch is fired up.  Here's a short look into how our torched process works.  

soul poles :: torch session from soulpoles on

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Contemporary artist R. Nelson Parrish is the creative force behind the extraordinary color work of the eco beautiful bamboo Soul Poles.

Born, 1979 Fairbanks, Alaska, United States of America Reacting to Southern California living, Alaskan R. Nelson Parrish voices his work through color. Drawing from skiing, surfing and auto racing, Parrish uses personal experience as source material. The objects are comprised of: resin, pigmented resin, racing stripes, wood and fiberglass, resulting in a hybrid of painting and sculpture.The work concentrates on the disengagement of the participant from the peripheral, as occurs in adrenaline...